Just Bound !

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Didn’t spend much time online last night but met sweet Beverly and Zado Ninetails at the Secret Passion sim owned and managed by Isabel Schultze . It seems that most bondage lovers elected this place as their new playing spot and it reminds me what Stonehaven used to be years ago. Isabel did a good job there and managed to create the proper ambiance for everyone to meet and have fun.

Zado Ninetails was very curious about what make us tick Bev and I when it comes to get tied up. We both admitted that we were not much into roleplay, we just love to be tied up and gagged, that’s all 🙂

I personally find it extremely relaxing and, like Beverly, don’t mind at all just to be captured, locked and left somewhere, alone or in public., interaction can be kept to a minimum, no problem ! I am definitely not a sub, just enjoy being wrapped up tightly, silenced and left where I won’t bother anyone. Beverly even created a group called « just bound » for like minded individuals, which I quickly and happily joined.

Now you know 🙂

Well anyway, we had a very pleasant conversation and, when I left, Zado had already cuffed Beverly nice and tightly, a good thing I was not on RLV myself 🙂

Wonder where she left sweet Bev though.

9 years ago…

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Nine years ago I was preparing dinner when the friend I was with told me that something was happening in New York. We watched TV as the second plane hit the tower.

Let us pray and remember.

Sleepless in Paris

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Heya happy tax payers !

No I am not dead, not yet anyway but definitely have to apologize for not keeping up with this tiny piece of blog. Blame it on RL, blame it on this new gallery I opened at Deviantart, both factors badly consumed my time and my energy.

 Now, I sadly have to admit that Rl makes serious efforts to prevent me from getting my daily dose of pixel freedom and from working on new pics or with new models as much as I would love to.

On the other hand, things are changing so fast in SL, popular places become silent deserts, loved ones leave to never show up again and most often than not lag makes it impossible to spend more than five minutes without freezing to a certain crash.

I enjoyed the Emerald viewer but had to give it up and apparently some technical problem or bug prevents me from installing the new Phoenix on my computer. I log with the normal viewer or the Imprudence which seems better as far as rezzing and lag are concerned but lacks most of the options that made Emerald  so convenient and fun to use.

By the way, if you want to get full access to all the pics in my Deviantart gallery, you’ll need to join but don’t worry it is free 🙂

Here is the link again: http://sarah-fhang.deviantart.com/

Love you all

I had a farm in SL

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Well not really a farm actually but it was a nice house with a pleasant roof terrace and lovely trees around and.. oh well I finally decided to abandon it last night. Blame it on money, blame it on bad bad RL leaving me too tired to fully enjoy our second world, blame it on whatever you want, I’ll buy it. It was too big a land anyway, and if I ever think about getting another place I will pick up a smaller one and easier to arrange. My big regret is that I also had to take back the photo studio lovely Voltek has made for me and that I had set as a skybox.

Last night, as I was putting all my stuff back in my inventory, I suddendly felt extremely sad even if I had merely spent three tiny months in this place.

I don’t know, just felt sad.


The Cat The Reverend and The Slave

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The other night the Trax culture magazine on Arte channel presented a documentary made by  Alain Della Negra and Kaori Kinoshita.

These two artists have been working on and exploring virtual universes and SL in particular, in order to study the way RL and its pixel reflection can mix through the life of its users.

Their last piece of work, The Cat, The Reverend and The Slave focus on members of three specific communities, the furries, the goreans and the evangelical christians, both online and in RL.

As I didn’t see the whole film I won’t review it but definitely hope that this is not another « look at them freaks » type of documentary. The fact that the authors seem to express a genuine interest in the virtual world phenomenon leads me to consider their work with a positive attitude. They have been studying and exploring SL for a few years now and already made two other films about it : « Enlarge Your Practice » about newbies first steps in SL and « Neigborhood » showing how people can meet online thus building up relationships that overcome geography and distance obstacles.

The Cat The Reverend and The Slave / France / 2009 / by Alain Della Negra and Kaori Kinoshita / produced and distributed by Capricci Films

Extracts can be seen on youtube

Thursday night SL blues

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Finally, I could see my dear Voltek, she came by between two orc slayings in WoW and of course I was sooo happy to chat with her again even for a short while. She spends a lot of time in WoW and I heard that this game was quite addictive. I never played any online multiplayers game and I don’t consider SL falling into this category. To me, SL is a kind of sophisticated chatroom where boring chunks of text are replaced or enhanced by nice animations and cool looking avatars.

But, when one thinks about it, this is maybe the reason why our favourite pixel world is sometimes inclined to loose its attractiveness. At one point, people don’t really know what they are doing here. Socializing can be as hard as in RL and the way the whole system works doesn’t actually allow you to actively pursue all the goals a typical RP game offers. Interactivity mostly leans on one’s proper capability to build up sentences and there is no smart nor swift animation program ready to pour tons of exotic foes on you when you feel like getting some action. Well, SL being so bloody laggy and rezzing so slow lately that even a small bunch of tiny foes would have all the time in the world to cut you into pieces before you had time to see them coming !

In fact, SL looks like a mere reflection of our normal daily RL with a nicer set and a sexier wardrobe.

Another world gone

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A few weeks ago, the cute and lovely Starry Starship invited me to visit and join the fantasy RP sim she had co-founded. She took me through all the land and I discovered a most detailed and lovingly crafted universe. Definitely the kind of place that take its creators countless hours of efforts and faith to built.

I joined her community and even created a character but, shame on me, I never really went to play there. I have never been good at RP but was sure willing to give it a try. I guess I took too much time to make up my mind and the day I finally decided to enter the game, well, the sim was gone.

I immediately contacted Starry who  told me that in spite of all the efforts her community made, the game never seemed to attract enough motivated regular players so they had to cancel the whole thing.

We had a very interesting conversation that day about the fact that SL may be suffering from its own amplitude. Too many places to go, too many shops to visit, too many clubs, too many gardens, too many parks, too many businesses. Even extremely specifically themed places find it hard to survive the high competition.

Let’s take clubs for instance: I used to have this huge and neverending list of clubs LM in my inv (I looove to dance) but today, only three or four resisted the assaults of time. The rest is gone, some of them didn’t even last a month. At one time it was like « yeah I just found this great place » and the following month the great place was replaced by an empty grass field. I enjoy exploring a lot but also tend to stick to the places I like and watching all my favourite spots vanishing so rapidly gives me the same bitter taste of nostalgia you get when, going back to your hometown, you look at the parking lot where your elementary school used to be.

In the ocean of adresses SL allows you to go to, it would be fairly interesting to see the percentage of places, whatever their purpose is, which receive a regular decent amount of visitors.

Sometimes I wonder if a smaller SL wouldn’t be a more friendly place to go.

Bad blog but new gallery

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I kow I know, I should come here more often. What as shame ! not even a single entry for March and April is soon coming to an end.

RL kept me pretty and badly busy but I finally found the time to open a gallery on deviant art where you can see me in all my bound glory thanks to sweet Bev’s numerous knotty talents. This is also where I am planning to post bondage pictures I would love to take in SL and various images I am working on (when I have time sigh).

So here is the link, go take a look and let me know if you would like to model for me girls 🙂 (Yasmine, you already on top of the list dear )


Be supa good 🙂

The shape of things to come

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How our favourite virtual residence will look like in the future and how would I wish it to look like ?

Well, you have to keep in mind that I absolutely know nothing about everything related to scripting, encoding or whatever needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to create or modify a computer created online virtual world, therefore, I am pretty sure that most of my dreams have a tiny little chance to become reality. But hey, one can still dream !

NO LAG: no lag, never, no matter how many avatars are dancing around me or how many scripts are running.

FAST REZZING: rezzing should be fast, very, almost instant, I want to be able to see everything as soon as I land somewhere.

GORGEOUS GRAPHICS: well, everything and everybody already look pretty nice now in SL but, according to the glimpse I had of some shots of this new Blue Mars virtual universe or the amazing possibilities of many 3D drawing programs, we all could look much much better.

AUTO ADJUSTING : restraints and clothes should all have an auto adjust option so we can wear them right away whatever shape we pick and always look yummy.

PERSONAL INVENTORY: we should be able to download and store all our private belonging on the hard drive of our computer.

As I said before, I doubt that these wishes could reasonnably be granted but, I would be ready to pay some sort of monthly subscription and even to go as far as to purchase some software (well it seems to work for World of Warcraft)  if I were sure that it would make SL the experience I sometimes dream it could be.

But don’t get me wrong here, I love it the way it is and I am so glad that everyone can enjoy it for free but, I also love to dream and wonder how the future will shape my second life.

And you ? how would you like your second life to be ?

Sarah’s nest

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Well, at least I managed to stick to one of my new year’s resolutions: now I have a place I can call home. A small square of land next to the French Ladies in Bondage sim.

Without the help of Lovely Bev and Magic Voltek, I think I would have give up settling there just after a few days, my adjusting, building and terraforming skills being what they are but now it is finally starting to look like something pleasant.

This is not a big place but still, many spots need to be filled and I am struggling with the prims allowance and the way I would like things to look like. I am pretty sure land owners know what I am talking about. One prim trees save you space and money but, oh my, do they look ugly and it seems that all the adorable pieces of furniture I saw in various shops can be qualified as adorable because their manufacturers put quite a large amount of prims in the making.

Anyway I enjoy being there and even started to receive guests who liked the place so much that they accepted without a single hesitation to be used as ornaments on my roof terrace. Well, I am pretty sure that they accepted without a single hesitation, but, you know, when someone is gagged, it’s kinda hard to precisely grasp the meaning of what she is trying to say. Oh well !!!

By the way, everyone is very very welcome there so don’t be a stranger ok ?